“A New Generation for a New Ukraine”

November 18, 2014

During charitable events held in Toronto and New York on 1 and 2 November, Bishop Borys Gudziak, the president of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), officially announced the Comprehensive Campaign to raise funds to complete the construction of the university’s new campus and to develop new educational and research programs at UCU.

In 2010 the Ukrainian Catholic University launched the first phase of its Comprehensive Campaign with the goal of raising 65.5 million dollars by the end of 2016. Thanks to the generosity of numerous benefactors, as of October 2014 seventy percent of the total sum had been collected, that is, 46 million dollars.

Pope Benedict XVI was the campaign’s first benefactor. He donated 100 thousand euros for the needs of the university with money he received on the occasion of his birthday. His example was followed by numerous philanthropists in North America, countries of Western Europe, Ukraine, and also various funds and foundations.

As he announced the campaign publicly and addressed benefactors, Bishop Borys Gudziak stated that support of the university is a concrete contribution to changes in Ukraine, to the triumph of truth and the development of a new generation. “We must understand that a new Ukraine is being built brick by brick, person by person, with concrete efforts, in particular this project. In this way all together we can change Ukraine,” emphasized UCU’s president.

It is worth mentioning that students and teachers of UCU from the first days took part in the Revolution of Dignity of the winter of 2013-2014, which toppled Yanukovych’s criminal regime and gave a new government, which honors democratic principles and human rights, the chance to come to power.

“Those values which the university has propagated since its founding are now resonating in society. Ukrainians, changed by the Maidan, are ready to accept what UCU proposes. And now, when Ukraine is in a decisive stage of its transformation into an independent government and democratic society, those who were on the Maidan and who are now fighting the aggressor understand well that our country is in sore need of young, professional, ambitious and moral leaders.  A contribution for education, for the development of a new generation of leaders, is an investment in the future. And so we have launched our campaign under the slogan ‘A new generation for a new Ukraine.’” So explained UCU’s vice-rector for communication and development, Natalia Klymovska.

These two banquets at the start of November in Toronto and New York, with the participation of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyy, singer and civic activist Ruslana Lyzhychko, and Miss Ukraine 2013 and Maidan activist Anna Zayachkivska, raised 6.5 million dollars for the development of the university. The largest donation was at the charitable evening in Toronto, 5 million dollars which UCU received from the Temerty Family Foundation. James Temerty is a noted philanthropist who has made a significant contribution to Ukrainian-Jewish mutual relations.

“This year even more than last year the banquets in support of the Ukrainian Catholic University were inspiring and life-affirming gatherings of people who are dedicated to the matter of Ukraine’s future. I am very grateful to all our benefactors and donors for their openness, generosity, and involvement. I do not doubt that each participant of these meetings will become a bearer of the good news about UCU, Ukraine, and God’s wonderful deeds in our time,” underlined Bishop Borys Gudziak.

Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Kyiv, London, Montreal and Paris will also host charitable events throughout November and December.


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