“Bitter Memories of Childhood”

September 30, 2014

On September 21, 2014, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council sponsored the Official Unveiling of the Holodomor Statue: “Bitter Memories of Childhood” on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Dignitaries in attendance included the Lt. Gov. of Manitoba, Hon. Philip Lee, and the Premier Hon. Greg Selinger, UCC National President Paul Grod and the President of the Ukrainian World Congress Eugene Czolij.

Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, led the prayer service and the blessing of the monument. Hundreds of people had gathered for the unveiling of the monument and the blessing.

The monument is an exact copy of the statue which is located at the entrance to the Holodomor Memorial Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine. The statue represents children as victims of the genocide.

The Holodomor, "killing by starvation," was a man-made famine in Ukraine in 1932-33 that killed according to some historians between seven and ten millions people. Grain and other food were seized from Ukraine that Ukrainians were left with nothing to eat or to plant. This was done to break the people's opposition to forced collectivization and resistance to Soviet rule. In 2006, Ukraine and other countries, including Canada recognized the Holodomor, as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

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