September 20, 2018

Archeparchial Clergy Retreat Continues

Join the retreat with your prayer.... When your clergy returns to the parish, ask them what the retreat was all about...

Prayer of the Venerable Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky for Good Priests....*

Lord, O Lord, look down from heaven and visit the vineyard which was planted by Your hand.

May Your all-powerful hand be always upon this people which You have loved. Grant them, Eternal God, in every generation, until the end of the world, holy bishops and priests, filled with Your Spirit - pastors and teachers of Your law, who would be able to keep the truth of Your holy incarnation immutable, and with love to teach and to judge this great people.

Grant to the clergy the grace to be never afraid of sacrifice, where the only matter is Your glory and the good of this people.

Set the hearts of priests on fire with the spirit of zealousness for the salvation of souls. Open before their eyes the wisdom of Your revelation and give them a strong sense of the holiness of those things to which you called them. Bless their work and their intentions. Protect them from every misfortune. And unite them with Your blessings, so that in love they be one - as you, Father are with Your Son and the Son with You. Amen.

[*slightly modified, unofficial translation]

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