August 8, 2018


The third day in Baltimore began with an earlier Divine Liturgy in the main hall of the massive convention centre. Anyone who has been to a Knights of Columbus liturgical service - especially a Eucharistic Liturgy knows that they are in for an excellent, uplifting experience. This is especially true for Supreme Conventions where all guests, delegates and their families look forward to the Masses. They are perfectly and executed with well thought out choices of songs and propers. The movement during the service from vesting of the clergy to the entrance into the "cathedrals" (created by state-of-the-art media technology) to the distribution of Holy Communion to recessional seems all impeccable. That is why practices and rehearsals are scheduled throughout the Convention for those who are involved.

The main celebrant was Canada's Cardinal Archbishop of Montreal His Eminence Gerald Lacroix. An engaging and sometimes humorous homily was preached by Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York. Among those praying the petitions following the Homily was Ukraine's State Deputy Bohdan Kovaliv.

At the close of the Mass, the many State Deputies from around the world carried in a copy of an icon commissioned by the Knights of Columbus entitled "Our Lady, Help of Persecuted Christians". This icons is the latest in a tradition of "pilgrimage" images of Marian images that travel around any given state to promote prayer for a particular cause. The cause in the coming years is to pray for persecuted Christians around the world - there is more Christian persecution going on in our day than most people would imagine!

The icon was written by Italian iconographer Fabrizio Diomedi.

Following the Liturgy and breakfast, the first business meeting of the day began in the main hall of the centre. After a series of regular items, the main order of business was the verification of registered convention participants and then the nominations and voting regarding new supreme directors. It was actually a fast-moving and exciting process, especially when state representatives shouted out their support for particular motions and candidates. Eventually the session was suspended as the preparations for the afternoon's awards event needed to begin.

At the awards ceremony, Manitoba State Council was among the recipients. State Deputy Dan Shepherd and his wife Lady Lisa were invited on stage to receive the "Circle of Honour" recognition from the Supreme Knight for the council's achieving over 106% of its annual membership quota.

Ukraine's Territory - which was raised to the status of 'State' during the Convention - was given the extraordinary recognition of a "Pinnacle" award. State Deputy Bohdan Kovaliv came forward to receive the award. Under his leadership, Ukraine achieved 100% of the Star Council goal; 100% of the Round Table goal; 120% of New Council Development Goals; and over 185% of membership intake goals.

Both Dan and Bohdan and their wives were awarded a California vacation for their efforts.

In the evening, a number of State Councils were invited to a social evening of fellowship. Among the States were Manitoba, Ukraine, Florida, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Poland, Lithuania (see following report).

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