May 2, 2018


Mission Days - which are celebrated by the entire Ukrainian Catholic Church around the world - are just around the corner. The parishes of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg all around the Province of Manitoba have been organizing a Mission Days program of one kind or another for a number of years now. The Days are scheduled to occur from Ascension Thursday to Pentecost Sunday inclusive. That is 10 days of prayer, meditation, sharing and, especially - ACTION! In Ukrainian, the period is known as "Декада Місійності", which might best be translated as "10 Days of Mission Activity". And, precisely, hands-on activity is the focus.

Entire parishes are invited to come together as a whole to spend some time in prayer and in going through the daily special program that is laid out in the Mission Days Guidebook.

Each day presents: a reading from Sacred Scriptures - the Word of God; this is followed by a meditation; then a quote from the Fathers or from a Church Document [this is beautifully combined in the 2018 guidebook with a quote from one of the pastoral letters of the great and holy Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky]. Those gathered usually share their own insights or experiences at some point. There is always a pertinent prayer or tropar that is sung. The concluding item for each day is an exciting "Mission task" that either leads the participant into a deeper appreciation of his/her own relationship with the Lord or encourages the participant to reach out to those around them and witness to their Faith and perhaps even invite them to join them on their faith journey. The little daily exercise is usually combined with a liturgical service... one that already occurs daily in life of the parish (e.g. Divine Liturgy or Moleben'/"May Devotions") or a specially scheduled event. Occasionally, if parish clergy are not able to hold an event themselves, they may delegate the facilitating of a daily gathering to one of the parishioners or at least make the "Guidebooks" available to Parishioners so that they can follow the program with their families at home, or even with friends at the local coffee shop.

The basic THEME for each day is:

Ascension - "Introduction and an Invitation"

Day 1 - "A Divine Love That Brings Joy"

Day 2 - "Liberation from Sin"

Day 3 - "God is With Us - We Belong to God"

Day 4 - "Branches that Bear Fruit"

Day 5 - "Where to Look for Truth?"

Day 6 - "Personal Responsibility"

Day 7 - "Community of Prayer"

Day 8 - "Serving Those in Need"

Day 9 - "Tend my sheep!"

Day 10 - "Our Mission: to Carry the Holy Spirit to Others"

Those that are interested are encouraged to contact their local Ukrainian Catholic parish to learn about what the parish has organized for these amazing 10 special days!


See this video (in Ukrainian) about how a small village parish can hold a successful Mission Days program that raises awareness for all parishioners about the Lord's mandate to Evangelize that is shared by all who are baptized into Christ. It contributes to the renewal of a parish and, ultimately, when it is successful it.... It "grows" a parish with new members!

An Eparchy in Ukraine Prepares in Advance...

Representatives from parishes in the Eparchy of Chernivtsi prepare for Mission Days well in advance by undergoing training and by planning their activity. This was organized around the Cathedral Church. The local Bishop, M. Rev. Josaphat Moschych came from the Missionary Congregation of St Andrew the Apostle and continues to be very involved with developing the missionary activity of the Church. He is the author of some of the Mission Days materials.


The Mission Days guidebook should be available through your parish office, but it is also available online if you would like to download it [HERE in English] або [ТУТ по-Українськи].

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