April 25, 2018


The Archbishop of Winnipeg, Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, convened a meeting of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg's College of Consultors* and the Presbyteral Council* to discuss a number of matters that will ultimately affect the entire Archeparchy. The Metropolitan is free to call together this body of advisers whenever he feels that it will be helpful in deciding certain pastoral and administrative matters. At other times, Church law provides that he is obligated to consult these advisory bodies when certain matters must be decided. In other, albeit rare, situations the local bishop must not only consult these group of clergy, but the rules may require their consent (this more often applies to the actions of an interim administrator of an eparchy - e.g. CCEO c. 255).

Modern Social media technology of course allows for extremely easy global communication. The Archeparchy has been using programs such as skype for a number of years now and, about a year ago, installed the technology to hold video conferences with multiple participants in diverse locations. Thus, the Consultors and anyone else that were not able to make the trip to Winnipeg are able to participate via Skype, GoTo, etc.

One of the main points on the agenda of this Consultors' meeting was the thorough review of the 2017 Financial Statement. The Archeparchial Financial Officer, Gabriela Bradics, CGA facilitated this part of the meeting by presenting the Statement and fielding any questions. As is done annually, the final, accurate version of statement will be posted the Archeparchial website.

The consultors also dealt with a number of questions pertaining to the provision of adequate pastoral care throughout the Archeparchy taking into consideration the available clergy and the distribution of Faithful in various regions of the province.

Those gathered also tackled a challenge that most diocese throughout the country are presently dealing with - the closing and/or amalgamation of parishes and parish churches. This has problem has arisen among many congregations as the demographics has shifted and the trend eventually is that the second or third generation moves from the rural homesteads to the larger urban centres. Throughout the Archeparchy, there are a number of all but abandoned (or, in fact, abandoned) church properties throughout the Archeparchy that the Archeparchy must deal with. The Syncellus for Church Property, Fr. Mark Gnutel, who has been investigated many of these property situations, presented much of background information in these latter matters. This question brought out, once again, the need for all the Faithful across the province to see themselves as members of one Church and of one united Archeparchial community that sincerely and realistically looks out for the pastoral and spiritual needs of all brothers and sisters in the faith throughout Manitoba.

The Consulters often meet in conjunction with a general Clergy Conference or when the Metropolitan deems it necessary to convene the College/Council.


*CCEO, c. 271 - §1. The eparchial bishop must establish a College of Eparchial Consultors to which belong the functions determined by law.... §2. be constituted for a five-year period... §3. ... not less than six nor more than twelve in number... §4. The members... are members of the Presbyteral Council.... §5. The eparchial bishop presides over the College of Consultors;...

*CCEO, c. 264 - A Presbyteral Council must be established in the eparchy, that is a body of priests representing the presbyterate (i.e. all the priests), and which, according to the norm of the law, assists the eparchial bishop by its advice in those things which regard the needs of pastoral work and the good of the eparchy.; cf. CCEO cc. 264-270.

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