April 15, 2018


The annual "State Convention" of the Manitoba Council of the Knights of Columbus, which ran from 13-15 of April 2018, concluded with an extraordinary morning session and an inspiring Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. The Sunday morning session included the issuing and accepting of various reports that are of central importance to the operation of the Manitoba-wide organization. Among these reports was the financial audit report and the one that dealt with council development and expansion. Needless to say that these two matters prompted some of the most passionate discussion of the Convention. Well, funds and how they are collected and how they are best used is always a topic of discussion regardless of the institution, be it a small club or a federal government. However, the subject that perhaps inspired the most heartfelt sharing was the matter of membership. How to grow the Order? How to restyle the way the local council relates to the parish and the local pastor and the wider society that it serves? Even practical questions such as the way membership fees are best handled and the way meetings should be conducted for maximum effectiveness. A common theme was one that societies and churches and organizations are tackling with continuously - how to be more welcoming and accommodating of countless potential new members. Everyone left with a new resolve coupled with new ideas.

The Divine Liturgy was held in Ambassador Room 1 of the Polo Park Canad Inns hotel and Conference Centre. The Archbishop of Winnipeg, His Grace Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, was the main celebrant. He preached on the Myrrh-bearing Women that came to the tomb of Jesus on the morning of the third day to complete burial anointing, only to find the tomb open and empty. Not knowing initially how to understand this, according to the Gospel of the Evangelist Mark, they hurried away in fear [Mark 15:43-16:8]. The Liturgy was easy for everyone to follow as the full text and special parts were projected on large screens throughout the service.

At the close of the Liturgy, State Deputy Dan Shepherd and Lady Lisa came forward to present the Award to Manitoba's "Family of the Year" to an active family from St. Edward's Parish in Winnipeg. The Family of Elizalde & Kristine Santos were acknowledged for their dedication to parish life at St Edward's, but also for their involvement in the Knights of Columbus and Youth activities and Marriage-support group "Couples-to-Couples".

The Convention ended with a wonderful fellowship Brunch at which appreciation was expressed to individuals that did special service for the Convention. Among those thanked and honoured were Supreme Director Br. Larry Kustra - the Keynote speaker; Br. Bill Cox (St Anne Council 10551) for the organization of the Convention, Br. David Hrehirchuk (Holy Eucharist Council 11330) who led the Responses at the two Liturgies; and Br. John and Lady Leona Solomon (St Basil Council 11021) for their preparing and assistance at the liturgical events and the Saskatchewan State Deputy Brian and Lady Lois Schatz for their participation.

The elections maintained the saw the Officers of Manitoba State Council, continue for another year with three changes.... Br. Reg Robert resigned as State Advocate. The former State Warden Br. James Smith was elected to the office of State Advocate. The office of State Warden was left vacant to be filled at a later time by the State Council. The first meeting after the Convention of the State Council is slated to take place in Winnipeg on 26 April 2018.

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