April 14, 2018


The Knights of Columbus in Manitoba are holding their 2018 annual 3-day "State Convention" in Winnipeg at the Polo Park Canad Inns Hotel and Conference Centre. The Convention began with an evening of registration and social events on Friday, April 13. During the evenings events the Service Program awards were also presented.

The next morning, the day began with the traditional "Memorial Liturgy" at which all members of the Knights of Columbus that died over the past year were remembered at a Divine Liturgy. The Archeparchy of Winnipeg and the two Roman Catholic Archdioceses of "St. Boniface" and "Winnipeg", take turns providing individuals to serve on the State Council as State Deputy and State Chaplain. Presently the State Chaplaincy is in the care of Metropolitan-Archbishop Lawrence Huculak of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg who serves as "Honorary" Chaplain, but he proposes a candidate to serve as regular State Chaplain which he did in the person of Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski. Therefore, at the State Convention Metropolitan Huculak is the main celebrant at the Divine Liturgies and he preaches the homilies and offers prayers at other events. The Divine Liturgy on Saturday was prayed primarily in English with some Ukrainian. The Cantor of Holy Eucharist Parish, a member of the Knights of Columbus, Brother David Hrehirchuk, led the responses and singing, while Brothers John Solomon and Bill Cox assisted during the service as did Lady Leona Solomon. His Grace, Metropolitan Lawrence preached to the theme of the Gospel reading of the day [John 6:14-27]. Toward the end of the service, Knights from State Council came forward and read all the names of their deceased Brothers, after which Metropolitan intoned the "Khrystos Voskres" "Christ is Risen" which was sung in their memory.

Immediately after the Liturgy, the delegates moved over to the main hall where the opening ceremonies took place and they got down to dealing with the many items on the agenda that need to be dealt with. This occurs for most of the day and into Sunday morning. However, some of the other Major events include the Saturday gala State Banquet and the Sunday morning Eucharistic Liturgy at which Metropolitan Lawrence will also preside.

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