April 12, 2018



Pope Francis has issued a new Apostolic Exhortation - "Gaudete et Exsultate", which translates to "Rejoice and be Glad!". It was promulgated only on Monday 9 April and there is already so much buzz in the media. Radio and Television talk shows, internet blogs and newspapers are throwing select excerpts and particular interpretations into the public square to see what reaction they can get. Some are excited about the message, some are upset and... many are confused. Yet, to be honest, probably only a handful have given it the reading and consideration that a Papal document deserves.

The biggest issue - pulled from the text - is the question of what issue should be at the forefront in the mind of a conscientious follower of Christ in our day? Is it poverty? Abortion? Immigration? Euthanasia? Is it war? Race issues? Education? Minorities?

The reason why that discussion is being had, is because some readers of the Exhortation suggest that Pope Francis seems to make that call. Some even say that he suggests that some issues may not be as important as some groups seem to suggest. So some people are saying "told you so!", while others are saying that they "feel let down".

What everyone really needs to do is read the thing! What Pope Francis is saying is that we followers of Christ have to make it real. He is suggesting that Christians cannot be "part time" Christians. It is time - especially at this moment in Salvation history - to go "all in" as the Catholic way of life is always meant to be. True followers of Christ, right from the time when the first Disciples started hanging around Jesus out of curiosity, were those that stayed and dedicated their lives to the cause of the Gospel. It seems that the Holy Father is saying... yes, your cause is important! Don't reduce your enthusiasm and zeal! However, if you can expand your horizons or if you can encourage others - there are other causes that require the same kind of zeal and dedication. In fact, once we get our act together in dealing with all issues, then we will become all the more successful in dealing with every issue that challenges Christians and all humankind today... because we will better see how all issues are related....

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