Bishop of the UGCC, Andriy Sapeliak received in Lviv his Ukrainian citizenship

September 1, 2013

Bishop Andriy Sapeliak, was born on December 13, 1919 in the village of Ryshkov, Voleyaroslavsky region (now Poland). After finishing the Peremyshel Gymnasium, he entered the monastery of the Salesian Congregation. He studied in Italy, served as rector of the Minor Ukrainian Seminary in France, and since 1961 he served the Ukrainian Catholic faithful in Argentina. In Buenos Aires, Bishop Andriy knew Argentina's Cardinal Bergoglio – presently Pope Francis. In 1997, the bishop returned to Ukraine and in spite of old age, undertook a pastoral mission to the area of  Dnipropretrovsk.  Today the bishop lives and works in Lviv.

In accepting the document, the Bishop said that he did this because of his love for Ukraine.  Bishop Andriy said, “When I was outside of Ukraine, I always worked for Ukraine and Ukrainians.  In this way, I lived for Ukraine, I worked for Ukraine, in that way I wanted to get into the very heart of Ukraine. It is my conscious decision – to become a citizen of Ukraine.”

According to Radio Liberty.

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