March 1, 2018


The sub-division of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) that includes hierarchy from across all of Western Canada gathered in Winnipeg for a plenary session at "Inn at the Forks" for five days of meetings. The group, known as the Assembly of Western Catholic Bishops chose the Winnipeg, or more precisely, the Archdiocese of St. Boniface to be able to participate in an event of the 200th Anniversary that the Church in St. Boniface is celebrating this year.

The venue that the Bishops chose was Inn at the Forks just across the River from St. Boniface Cathedral and Diocesan administration campus along the historic Avenue de la Cathédrale.

The member-participants are all the active bishops of the various eparchies and dioceses that cover areas of the western Canadian provinces and territories. They are members of the CCCB which meets annually in a plenary session near Ottawa and throughout the year many of them participate in the work of numerous subcommittees, commissions and councils that deal with specific areas (ecumenism, doctrine, aboriginal matters, etc.). However, since 1974 the Bishops felt it was important for the bishops of western Canada to come together regularly to deal with questions unique to their area of the country or to deal with questions from a uniquely western Canadian perspective. They have been doing this to this day.

Among the members of a number of Ukrainian Catholic Bishops and hierarchy from other Eastern Catholic Churches that have parishes established in Western Canada. This includs Ukrainian Catholic hierarchy - Metropolitan-Archbishop of Winnipeg, Most Rev. Lawrence Huculak; Bishop of Edmonton Most Rev. David Motiuk; Bishop of New-Westminster Most Rev. Ken Nowakowski; Bishop of Saskatoon Most Rev. Bryan Bayda. Presumably included would be the Bishop for the Syro-Malabar Faithful Most Rev. Jose Kalluvelil; The Bishop for Slovak Eparchy, Most Rev. John Pazak; The Syro-Malankar Bishop Most Rev. Philipos Mar Stephanos; The Melkite Bishop Most Rev. Ibrahim M. Ibrahim, O.B.S.; and the Maronite Bishop Most Rev. Paul-Marwan Tabet.

A press release will be issued by the AWCB upon completion of their deliberations on Friday 2 March 2018.

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