In Crimea Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest was detained with a group of parishioners

September 3, 2014

September 2, the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest Bogdan Kosteckyj from Yevpatoriya, Crimea, with a group of 15 parishioners went to Yalta and communication was lost with them. Late in the evening Fr. Bogdan called Fr. Mykola Hawryluk and said that they were detained in some basement. 

Fr. Mykola Hawryliuk said that right after the Russian annexation of Crimea Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priests left the peninsula, but at the end of April Fr. Bogdan returned to his parish. Since then, he felt that he was closely fallowed by secret service. Several times he was summoned to talk to the department of the Russian Federal Security Bureau. Among other things, he was asked about his views of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy and his role in the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

Later on they were released from their incarceration. The reason for their detention is not given.



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