Every nation has a natural right to live in freedom

August 21, 2014

On August 18 Patriarch Sviatoslav addressed the faithful on the occasion of celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day.

In this address His Beatitude emphasizes that every nation has a natural right for its self determination, free development and growth. First of all, independence is revealed to us as an integral part of freedom and dignity of every person and the  society as a whole.  We have received this gift of freedom from our very Creator as children of God.

Patriarch Sviatoslav stressed that it is better to die free than to live as a slave, emphasizing the fact that these words are engraved  in the minds of Ukrainians. According to the Patriarch, in these difficult times, the times of tribulations and challenges, our Lord has laid on all of us the responsibility for preserving the freedom and independence of our country.

At the end of his address, Patriarch wished, that everyone would be able to "see the image of the suffering Christ in all who lost their homes or were forced to leave their land, were wounded, captured or kidnapped."

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