What a wonderful week with God!!!

August 18, 2014

From August 5-11, 2014 thirty-two children participated in catechism classes held at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Rossburn, MB.  The children were ages 4 to 11 years and came from Rossburn, Russell, Angusville, Oakburn and Shoal Lake.

Each day began with the Divine Liturgy followed by prayers, lessons and crafts. The children all went home at the end of the week with a beautiful painted Icon of Jesus which they helped complete as well as many other craft projects including a Last Holy Supper display.  Time was spent playing soccer, flying kites, dancing, blowing bubbles, skipping and singing!  The children also were able to participate in making prosphora one afternoon!

Four children received their First Solemn Holy Communion which was celebrated at St. Mary's Parish in Russell, MB on Sunday, August 11th and was followed by a lovely lunch.

What a wonderful week the children had!  Much gratitude and thanks must be extended to Rev. Fr. Mykhaylo Khomitskyy and Iryna Khomitska for organizing such a great week of happy holiday times with God!!!  We look forward to coming again next year!

Lynne Nowosad

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