Let us Pray for Paris

November 16, 2015

The bishop of the Paris eparchy of St. Volodymyr the Great Borys Gudziak expressed his condolences to the killed and injured during several simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13.

On his Facebook page he said: “I call upon our community to join together in prayer for the victims of the outrageous and tragic crimes committed in Paris. We condemn these horrendous, hateful acts of violence. Wanton attacks against innocent persons will not strip us of our God-given dignity. They remind us of the need to continually increase our outreach, to those who suffer.

Our prayers and expressions of heartfelt sympathy extend to those who have been killed and injured, to their families and friends, as well as to those who are traumatized by this act violence. We strengthen our resolve in the Holy Spirit to be persons of peace, justice, and reconciliation. We are in solidarity with the victims and with all people of good will who come together to stand up to this attempt to terrorize and dispirit the people of the world.”

In the evening on November 13 six coordinated terrorist attacks were held in Paris. The media informs about more than a hundred dead and around two hundred injured.

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