Can We Pray!?!

October 30, 2015

Spiritual Adoption Program Holy Family Knights of Columbus Council #8499.

To help stop the anti-life push in Canada and around the world, the Knights of Columbus encourage the spiritual adoption of an unborn child. We all have an opportunity to spiritually adopt and pray for a child who is in danger of being aborted. In Canada alone, approximately 95,000 babies lost their lives through abortion last year. We need your help to save these lives. What can we do to end this horrible statistic?

At least WE CAN PRAY!

Your prayers CAN make a difference between whether a child will be born...or aborted. We are asking our parishioners at Holy Family Parish to make a personal commitment to pray for one child who is in danger of being aborted. You are asked to “Spiritually Adopt” this one unknown child for the next nine months. Please pray daily, that the children will be carried to term and experience the fullness of life - a life that our Heavenly Father gave us all.

Holy Family Parish Bulletin October 25, 2015 

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