Welcome to St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Parish

October 22, 2015


Welcome to our brand-new web-site. We hope you will take some time to browse through the links and get to know us. Our parish is located in the West End of the city of Winnipeg. Although we are a small congregation, our liturgical services are vibrant and we are actively involved in Archeparchial programs and in community outreach.


St. Josaphat Catholic Ukrainian Catholic Parish, joyfully welcomes people from all racial and national backgrounds who wish to come together as a community of faith in Jesus Christ, to give glory and praise to God. All services are celebrated primarily in English according to the Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic tradition.

Through the celebration of the sacraments and the proclamation of the gospel, outreach to those in need and a welcome hospitality to all, we strive to come to know Christ and make Christ known.


St. Josaphat Kuntsevych, O.S.B.M, (c. 1580 – 12 November 1623)

St. Josaphat, a Ukrainian Catholic archbishop, is held up as a martyr to church unity because he died trying to bring part of the Orthodox Church into union with successor of St. Peter bishop of Rome.

St. Josaphat was born about 1580 into a Catholic family and early promoted Catholic unity in a country divided between Orthodox and Catholic. He entered the Byzantine monastery of Holy Trinity in Vilna in 1604 and was elected Catholic archbishop of Polotsk in 1614. While clinging firmly to unity with Rome, he firmly opposed the Latinization of his people and made enemies and severe critics among the Latin clergy of Poland.

In November of 1623 Josaphat went to the city of Witebsk in an attempt to reconcile the differences among the people. On November 12, a mob broke into the house where he was staying, shouting hatred and violence. When he confronted them, he was struck in the head with a halberd and shot. His mangled body was dragged out and thrown into the river.

And in 1867 Josaphat became the first saint of the Eastern Church to be formally canonized by Rome. His body is entombed in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.


St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Parish exists today because of a vision – the vision of the Ukrainian Catholic families who lived in the West End of the city. Energized by a deep faith and a fervent desire to worship God according to the traditions in which they had been raised, these families banded together, sought out a priest to lead them in worship and offer the Sacraments. In the beginning, services were held in local Roman Catholic churches. Eventually, this building was purchased and remodelled to accommodate services according to our Eastern Rite.

Years have passed. The demographics of our parish and our community have changed. We dare not let the vision die.

It was the faith of those who came before us that brought us to where we are today. It will be the faith of each one of us – personally and collectively – which will determine where our children will worship. We entrust ourselves and our parish into the merciful hands of God.

“God is with us.”     “З нами Бог.”

Parish website: www.stjosaphatukrainiancatholicparish.com

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