Canadian Catholic Bishops make submission re Physician-Assisted Suicide to Government Expert Panel

October 22, 2015

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is the national assembly of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic Bishops. As its principal pastors who officially speak on behalf of the Church in Canada, the Bishops are the spiritual leaders and teachers of more than thirteen million Canadian Catholics. Forty-six per cent of Canadians are baptized Catholics.

The Catholic Bishops of Canada have submitted their position re Physician-Assisted Suicide to a Government Expert Panel. It is basically composed of pertinent citations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, together with excerpts from the 2015 CCCB September Plenary Assembly's statement on assisted suicide, arranged according to five selected topics (the common good; assisted suicide; palliative care; protecting the vulnerable; and freedom of conscience and religion), supplemented with further comments on palliative care.

For full text please click the following title: The Position of the Catholic Church and the Stance of the Catholic Bishops of Canada on “The giving of Assistance in Dying”

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