Members of Archeparchy attended “THE QUESTION OF LIFE” Symposium

October 3, 2015

The Manitoba organization Life’s Vision, that provides educational resources on all life issues, invited clergy, pastors and religious leaders to a luncheon at the Norwood Hotel in St. Boniface on Wednesday, 23 September 2015. It was a special session of the two-day event billed as “The Question of Life Symposium”.

Many clergy and religious leaders did come out to attend – including a good representation from the Archeparchy of Winnipeg. The excellent luncheon and the socializing were very much enjoyed by the participants who were able to meet up with colleagues from many parishes and church communities.

At the opening, Live’s Vision’s Heather White, made the announcement that the flight from Toronto carrying the invited speaker, Alex Schadenberg, was delayed due to inclement weather. He was going to arrive at least an hour and a half late, but in the mean time we could enjoy the meal and enjoy a presentation by a local expert in the field, Dr. Larry Rados. (We could stay for the Schadenberg talk or return the following day to hear it at another location.)

Dr. Rados gave an excellent presentation utilizing power-point images and texts and a humor that sometimes had the room roaring with laughter – irregardless of the somber subject matter. Within a very engaging hour, he gave statistics, stories and brilliantly uncomplicated argumentation as to why Canada’s activist Supreme Court decision will be tragic for Canada and what we can (and must) do to limit and eventually reverse the disaster. By drawing on actual experience in Holland, Sweden and US States that now have legal “physician-assisted suicide” – the near future of our medical situation in Canada was clearly laid out.

In spite of the subject matter, we all left with a great deal of hope and determination to get active in dealing with this challenge. Everyone knew it was coming after contraception and abortion became widely accepted. Yes, this is yet one more social crisis to deal with. But… this is our life as followers of Christ in the times in which we live. The solution is the same as always… personal commitment, fervent and sincere prayer and boldly speaking the truth – no matter the consequences.

It seemed that the immediate solution was – of course, prayer… as well as.... educating ourselves about the true facts of the problem… speaking out when the occasion arises… striving that more adequate nursing home care and palliative care be available to all those that need it (presently only 30% of Canadians who need palliative care get something….the rest?)…. And especially… reaching out ourselves to those that are on their own, sick, housebound, terminally ill, the elderly and lonely. When everyone within our reach feels that they are not alone, that they are not a burden and that someone cares – they will not be drawn into the euthanasia trap.

Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg
Archeparchy Chancery
Very Rev. Michael Kwiatkowski, Chancellor

For more information please visit the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition website

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