On the way to the Sobor: Day 1

August 23, 2015

We arrived safely in Lviv. Alas, our luggage didn't make the flight as we were delayed over an hour from Winnipeg due to a heavy lightening storm. When we arrived in Toronto, we made the rush across the Pearson airport to catch our Munich flight, but our luggage didn't move as fast.
We were met at the airport and taken to the new Kolegium of the Ukrainian Catholic University where we were given excellent accommodation. We freshened up a bit and then made our way to a downtown church for our Sunday Liturgy.

Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak celebrated the 3:00 PM Divine Liturgy at the Garrison (Military) Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Lviv's city centre. The church served as a state archive building in the Soviet years and therefore is now in need of extensive repairs and restoration (hence the scaffolding). The church today is very popular with six Divine Liturgies every Sunday - including one in English. The pastor is Fr. Stephan Sus, the regional director of military Chaplaincy around the Lviv Municipality.
It turned out to be a meeting moment of various local clergy as well as visiting clergy from the Parma, Stamford and Winnipeg delegations on their way to the Sobor in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
This Sunday, 23 August was also the feast of the Archdeacon-Martyr St. Lawrence, so the congregation sang a lively Lviv "mnohaya Lita" for Metropolitan Lawrence at the close of the Liturgy.
Meantime, it's festival time in Ukraine with Sunday being the National Flag Day and Monday being Independence day.
Thousands of people wandering the city centre participating in various festivities, shows and amusements. Part of the fun was encountering various film and cartoon characters. Cossacks, Spiderman and Darth Vader were some of the figures in the crowd. Metropolitan Lawrence encountered a member of the Simpson family in his embroidered shirt in Market Square beside City Hall.
To be continued...
Check here for occasional updates on the Winnipeg Delegation to the 6th Session of the Patriarchal Sobor on "The Vibrant Parish - The Place to Encounter the Living Christ".

Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski, Lviv, Ukraine

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