A New Video about the Patriarchal Sobor of the UGCC

August 19, 2015

The Secretariat of the 6th Session of the Patriarchal Sobor of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church on “The Vibrant Parish – The Place to Encounter the Living Christ” presents a promotional video about the upcoming Sobor that takes place in Ivano-Frankivsk during the week of 24-28 August.

The Video calls upon the laity to come meet Christ Who waits for us in every parish. The creators of the video draw attention to the fundamental ministries of a Living Parish.

Every parish must become a place where the truth of the Faith may be discerned and implemented in daily life.

Every member of a parish must become a participant in the Liturgical, Sacramental and Prayer life.

Parishioners must learn to pay particular attention to those in need and to promote spiritual unity among all Churches and Christians.

In collaboration with the clergy, parishioners must serve the common good with their particular gifts.

They should also witness about their lives in Christ – while always inviting others to join them.”

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