My Day!

July 24, 2015

Back on March 29th (Palm Sunday), I composed the following bulletin message announcing the new pastoral assignments that would be taking place before August 1st. This message was an attempt to explain why "changes"  take place and I encourage you to read it as the time has come and I sincerely thank you for all your love and prayers.

We, as Ukrainian Redemptorists, have had the pleasure of serving St. Joseph's for 62 years, commencing in 1952 with our memorable Fr. Joseph Denischuk. The pioneers of this parish have experienced, at least, 12 different Pastors and many varied Associate Pastors, each generously offering their own special charism and gifts. As Redemptorists, we come, we serve, we pray, we preach and then we move to other “vineyards” of the Lord. Each of us Redemptorists realizes, that “the day we arrive is one day closer to the day we move on...”

“My day” has come! My new assignment (as of Aug. 1st) has arrived. My Superiors have asked me “to give up St. Joseph's” and transfer to Yorkton, SK to our mother church of St. Mary's and hopefully, ensure its rejuvenation and renewal. This will prove to be another great challenge and I am already requesting your prayers and support...

These past seven years truly have been a wonderful blessing for me and I believe also for you. We have painfully witnessed the loss of many parishioners, through death or through re-location, but we have happily welcomed new members and also delightfully welcomed former members back home into our worshipping community. We have all grown in love and in faith. We together have experienced many joys and much happiness as we challenged ourselves to rejuvenate and revive our beloved parish and successfully we have accomplished very much! Wow! Just think of all the wonderful changes...

I sincerely thank you for your generous cooperation, your infinite patience, your thoughtful understanding, and most especially, I personally thank you for your deep love and commitment to our St. Joseph's Church and its spiritual leaders. I count it a special grace and privilege to have served you as Pastor from 1974-75, and again, 1984-87 and I once again 2008-2015. Indubitably, I have been thrice joyfully blessed!

St. Joseph's is also doubly blessed - Fr. Dmytro Dnistrian, a former pastor, gladly returns as your new Pastor with the capable assistance of Fr. Frank and also Fr. John Sianchuk. If not the “Three Tenors,” then definitely a “Triumphant Trio.” Please welcome them to St. Joe's as you ever so warmly welcomed me as your Pastor 7 years ago! Pray for them!

A parishioner politely asked if I was happy to leave St. Joseph's and I quickly responded: “Definitely not!” Will I be happy in Yorkton? My answer: “I will choose to be happy; so much depends on our attitude - may it always be positive and life-giving!”

Rev. Bohdan Lukie, CSsR
St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish Bulletin, July 26, 2015

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