Holy Father Pope Francis stopped watching TV on the evening of July 15, 1990

July 23, 2015

The Pope doesn’t watch TV and doesn’t access the internet. In fact, he hasn’t wasted TV for almost 25 years! The Holy Father, Pope Francis, who moved from the Papal Palace to the rather smaller guest building in the Vatican, recently, revealed in an interview with an Argentinean newspaper La Voz del Pueblo, that he stopped watching TV on the evening of July 15, 1990 as he made a promise to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He also revealed that he does not use the internet, so to stay informed about world events he reads carefully the Italian newspapers for about 10 minutes. What about keeping track of how his beloved Argentinian Soccer Team is doing? Not even that made him to reach for the remote. Usually he would ask the Swiss Guards about the score. 

Can you imagine how our lives would change if we went off TV and the Internet!? So much time to read things of importance, to discuss real ideas, to spend time with people, to enjoy the world around us, to pray, to come to church, to start great and little projects for the benefit of society… An average Canadian watches 4¼ hours of TV a day! That’s time you’ll never get back. It could amount to 21 lost years in a life time!

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