Is it a lose-lose situation?

July 21, 2015

People are dying daily in Eastern Ukraine, the grave corruption problem still needs to be adequately dealt with, and Europe is forcing Ukraine to have a constitutional debate about same-sex unions as being equal to marriage in the midst of all of this.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav has protested the appalling disregard shown toward the appeal of the religious leaders of Ukraine in regard to a Constitutional amendment that would enshrine same-sex unions as being equal to marriage. This is a proposal that was expected after Europe poured billions of euros into Ukraine during the present crisis, but reports suggest that the forcefulness of the movement and the uncompromising attitude of the pro-homosexual lobby is a totally surprising. This is something that has been seen other western countries, but Ukraine may just not accept it so easily. However the resistance is extremely difficult as many claim that Ukrainians were demanding “European values” and homosexual ‘rights are increasingly part of that. Also, Ukrainian governmental leadership may feel browbeaten into accepting such changes since they have depended on Europe to save them from Russian aggression. If there ever was an example of “being caught between a rock and a hard place” this is it. The question is with Russian destruction on one side and moral and social compromise on the other is Ukraine in a lose-lose situation? Please remember Ukraine and its people in your prayer.

Chancellor Very Rev. Dr. Michael Kwiatkowski

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