Holy Eucharist Parish received this year Open Doors Award

June 24, 2015

Out of some 75 buildings - including several churches, museums, banks and a jail - Winnipeg voters said that Holy Eucharist Church wowed them the most for its beauty and architecture in particular. We have enjoyed the beauty of our place of worship for many years, but when we “opened our doors” at the end of May, the people of our city also came and agreed that Holy Eucharist is one of the ’hidden gems’ of Winnipeg.

“I want to thank you for the Doors Open day on May 30 that I was welcomed into the Church of Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church. What a beautiful church. In addition to listening to the history commentated by a very knowledgeable lady there, I had the pleasure of taking pictures in the church. Thank you again. I really appreciate the generosity of the church, – Stan.” An email sent to us by one of the many that walked through our doors!!!

There are many people to thank, but we want to at least mention some of the 'ringleaders' of Doors Open - Shirley Skochylas, Carlene Deptuch, Oksana Bodie, Elaine Bowman, Rose Swiciecki, Paul Bakan, Bernice Hrehirchuk, Alex Fawcett, Joan Shume, Linda Kadeshchuk, Damon Fawcett, Deacon Myroslaw and Orysia Tracz, Lilian Deptuch, Curtis Shupenia, Anthony Hendricks, Rob & Breanne, Mavis Kaluzny, Betty Soloway, Nancy Stepaniuk, Penny Spewak, Hope Evanyshyn, Maragret Chemerika, Liz Turchyn, Aleksandra Manhzura, the beautiful choir and everyone who has contributed to the beauty of our church over the years!

Holy Eucharist Parish Bulletin June 21, 2015


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