Heavenly King, Advocate, Spirit of Truth, come and dwell within us

May 25, 2015

As we conclude the Mission Days spiritual exercises, we are only beginning the mission! This is the blessing throughout our Church around the world! God bless those who were able to attend these inspiring evenings. You are now flames of the Holy Spirit that came upon you in different ways. Do not let that flame go out. Ignite everyone you know, everyone that the Lord puts in your path. What a perfect day to conclude this special program in our parishes - Pentecost! Just as the Apostles and Disciple that stayed praying and discussing at their home and in the Temple daily… we too came together in the Temple and prayed and discussed. Now as the Apostles burst out into the streets of the city and the world - we too must do the same in whatever way possible. Today, and throughout the coming week, let us use that courage and inspiration that we have in our hearts to speak about our Faith with whomever we can. Our families, our husbands, our wives, our children, our parents, our relatives! When we gather at the coffee shop and the in the corner of the parish centre and during perogy-making or with co-workers… lets talk about the thing that really matters and the only thing that will make a lasting difference - our Catholic Faith… our Ukrainian Catholic Faith… our Christian Faith! Let us ask from God the grace to not speak or listen to gossip! Let us ask the Holy Spirit to free us from that destructive drive to engage in politics or manipulation, but rather give us the real courage to share the love and mercy of the Gospel. The world is so jaded by nastiness and dog-eat-dog and selfishness and incessant ambition... If we who dare to come to our beautiful church every week and dare to step forward week after week to receive the very Body and Blood of Jesus, will not then go on to bring a message of humility, forgiveness and hope into our families and our parish and our world - then who is left to do so? Today on this feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Birthday of the Church, we have every reason to change for the better and overcome our old ways by the grace of God. Today we have every reason (and every excuse) to begin a new life. Let’s just do it! The MISSION DAYS are a part of the world-wide “VISION 2020” and “VIBRANT PARISH” movement… you will want to get on that train! It’s the hope and future of our Church.

Holy Eucharist Parish bulletin May 24, 2015

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