May 2, 2015

At the Divine Liturgy just prior to the Epiclesis, the Priest raises up the Gifts and exclaims “We offer to You, Yours of Your own, in behalf of all and for all!”. What he is doing is making an offering of a sacrifice on behalf of us all … but also acknowledging that the Sacrifice is really already God’s, because we offer to God the sacrifice that was/is made by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. There is no more beautiful and awesome gift that we can offer to God, but God’s gift to us! Which gift in particular? The gift of Salvation given to each and every one of us by Christ’s death on the cross because of His unfathomable love for each and every one of us. You, especially. So the Eucharistic gifts can be offered to God only because “of All” the things the Lord did for us and we offer them, above all, in thanksgiving “for All” the things that He has done for us. Its all about God and His love toward us.

Sunday May 3rd, some of our children will be receiving Holy Communion after having experienced, for the first time, the tremendous loving mercy of God in the Sacrament of Penance (that Mystery that we like to call “Confession”). These children will be setting out on a new Sacramental life with Christ Jesus. Let us all plan to be there to rejoice with them, to be there for them and to renew our own Eucharistic, Sacramental relationship with our Lord. This is one of the greatest “Parish events” that we want to be present for. Other events may be of social significance, but next Sunday we have an event that underscores what we are really all about…. the Grace of God and the salvation of souls….!

Holy Eucharist Parish bulletin 26 April 2015

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