March 12, 2015

The Dedication of the Iconostas at Holy Eucharist Church
East Kildonan, Winnipeg – 1st Sunday of Lent – Veneration of Icons
We welcome to our Parish, His Grace, Metropolitan LAWRENCE, Archbishop of Winnipeg
for the long-awaited joyful occasion of the dedication of our “new” Iconostas!
We thank those who slowly donated toward this special project over the years. We would like
to mention everyone if we could, but at least we want to mention some of the more major
donations over the last while.
We in particular want to thank our very special anonymous donor who came forward to make
the donation that would ultimately be the gift that would obtain the extraordinary iconostas
for our parish. God bless you for making this long hoped for dream a reality for our parish!
Mnohaya Lita!
We also want to express a special thank you to those who so enthusiastically and expertly helped
raise the iconostas after it was delivered. Above all, we want to thank Jay Korban who spearheaded
the entire assembly effort as the Project Coordinator. We also want to thank Orest Kulchyski who
professionally, and yet with loving care, led the careful piecing together and repair of the iconostas.
We sincerely thank many others who helped and did special work to the completion (still a work in
progress) of this marvellous addition to our church… among them Nelson Hoffman, Ernie Hall, John
Budyk, Elaine Bowman, Donna & Richard Korban & Greg Kwasney and to all those who came out to
encourage us!!
May we all fully appreciate this breath-taking grace from our Lord! May it serve as an inspiration and
means for us to become a holy people of God… a people of prayer, a people of sacrifice, a people of
wisdom, a people of loving kindness:
Father Gregory Oucharyk
UCWLC - In memory of Jean Balos
Mr. & Mrs. Lou Bowman Dr. Anne Penny
Estate of Kazmer Ochocki Elsie Tymchak
Mrs. Stella Laskowich Mrs. Lillian Deptuch
Michael & Fenna Madejczyk Mr. Anthony Hendricks - In memory of wife Jarice
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Bowman
Deacon Myroslav & Mrs.Orysia Tracz
Dr. Semeon & Mrs. Hrushovetz
Nell Lupyrypa
Holy Eucharist Parish


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