Praying for Ukraine

February 20, 2015

The clergy and the faithful of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg have started spiritual project entitled: “Pray for Ukraine.” Every Friday evening, the faithful and the clergy gather together to offer the Divine Liturgy at different Ukrainian Catholic parishes in Winnipeg, praying for peace and freedom of all people, especially our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. This prayer gathering first started at Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Winnipeg with Rev. Volodymyr Bashutskyy. Initially a small group was gathering for the Divine Liturgy. However, since the first time many more people have joined this prayer service. Every time there are special petitions: for Nadiya Savchenko, for the conversion of Russia, for the Ukrainian army, for the volunteers, for the souls of the deceased, and for unity and independence of Ukraine. Here it is interesting to note the example of Petrus Pavlitsek, a Franciscan monk, who after II World War persuaded the Austrians to pray for liberation from Soviet occupation. His idea was, if at least a million people would unite in prayer, then God would listen to their plea. In a short time people gathered for prayer, and much to the world’s amazement in 1955, the Soviet troops left Austria.
Now, Ukraine, and even Europe may be saved from the war, only by the growing number of people in prayer for peace, especially for peace in Ukraine.

Archeparchy of Winnipeg


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