Sep 07 2019

Farmer's Harvest Charity Market

Hosted by

Knights of Columbus

Canon Luhovy Assembly #0374

"Locally Harvested Fresh Vegetables"

Saturday September 07, 2019

10:00 am. to 5:00 pm.

LUBOV SSMI Foundation - Parking Lot

1085 Main Street

"By the Pound or by the Bag"

Supplied by

Neumann's Market

2659 Henderson Hwy.

"Locally Grown & Produced"
Jams Jellies Pickles Relishes BBQ Sauces Mustards Wild Rice Farm Fresh Honey Fresh Pickerel Fillets Perogies
Harvest Soup Mixes Homemade Pies Garlic Sausage

"Buy by the Pound or by the Bag"

Pre-Order your Harvest Bags, while quantities last, buy a bag! donate a bag!

$12.00 Harvest Bag filled with 15 lbs. Locally Grown Farm Fresh Vegetables In a reusable Tote Bag

Community Supporters:

Proceeds to Lubov SSMI Foundation &

The Welcome Home "Windows into the Future" Project

"Charities Helping Charities"

Contact Robert at 204 - 339-3837 or

Peter at 204 - 632-0484 for more information

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