Aug 28 2022

"Emigration, Immigration and the Global unity of the Ukrainian Catholic Church"

The 7th session of the Patriarchal Sobor of the Ukrainian Catholic Church (which should take place at least every 5 years) will deal with the Church's concern with pastoral care for Faithful that sometimes migrate en masse to different places within the same country or to other countries. The Church, which is the living mystical Body of Christ, wants to be, is called to be - with the faithful "always and everywhere".

The Patriarchal Sobor (i.e. assembly) was planned to take place in Lviv, Ukraine in August of 2020. Each eparchy throughout the world, however, is asked to hold a local 'sobor' to discuss the major questions of the theme.


All parishes have been asked to hold some semblance of a discussion involving all interested parties in a parish (or parish district for areas that include several parishes) - during which the parishioners, together with their parish priest would consider the following questions (among others):

1. Where are we as a parish, as a Church?
- Has my parish grown or decreased over the past years?
- How does emigration influence our parish? Do people who emigrate from Ukraine have some connection to our parish?
- Do people of other nationalities attend our parish? Why or why not?
2. Who are we today?
- Does my parish try to make connections with newcomers from Ukraine? What are the special efforts or events for them?
- What are the needs of our parishioners? Do our present organizations answer the needs of our parishioners?
3. How are we "united", and what does "unity" mean?
- What can (does) unite our parish as a community?
- What are the means to bring new parishioners?
- Do our children grow with a sense of belonging to our parish community?
- How not to lose yourself during migration?
- Is there a cooperation between our parish and other parishes of our Archeparchy?
- Does our parish appreciate its belonging to the Synodal structure and does it have a connection to the Head of our Church in Ukraine and to the Universal Church?
- What does it mean for you to belong to the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada?
4. How will our parish look like in 10 years?

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